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The Moving Sculpture of Christopher Pardell

Courting Danger


Drum Song


Christopher Pardell, one of the first artists to join the Legends family, began sculpting at the age of four. Never sketching his designs on paper, Christopher composes all of his work in three dimensions, in a maquette. This unique approach explains the unparalleled beauty of form and action that are the trademarks of his work.

The Tables Turned

For Christopher, the history of the Native American peoples, defiantly holding true to their beliefs in the face of opposition, is a story that exemplifies the human condition throughout the ages.

Dancing Ground

In sculpting, this talented artist tries to shape his feelings for humanity in a way that will evoke a connection with the viewer, a connection that will pull them into another time, another place, and form an understanding of that moment in time.

Saving Their Skins

"Through that experience," Christopher says, "we all come to see how much of ourselves exist in each other."


"When they poured the slab for my studio, I carved a motto into the concrete that says, 'Life is a performance artwork, make yours beautiful." Art is our manner of contact with each other. It's not about me and it's not about you, it's about us."


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